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Why students are like to spend their most time with their friends

The word “friendship” is more important for all peoples. The meaning of friendship means it’s a mutual relation of support, help, and trust between one or more individual. The friendship is more influenced the all students. To spending long time with friend is beneficial to the students mental health. Friends are the very close person for all. Especially the school students and college students are more depending on her friends. The student sharing more with her friends, because, the students have similar mind and easy to thinking same way, and almost same mental power, and more getting more freedom. All students contain a good friend for sharing feelings and emotions. The real friendship is more rear; a good friend is stand closer to her bad time also.

All are very interested to spending lot of time with her friends. Today all parents are busy, so they are not getting time for spending with her children. So the children’s are sharing all with her friends, It gives a positive energy for all students and also making a deeper bond with their friends. Especially the college students have know the value of friendship, because they living hostels. A good friend is lovable and honest. The good friend is a good listener, they give more attention for the conversation and the good friend very easy to understanding our mistakes and giving instructions about that mistake. Another important factor is a good friend is do not judging our success, money, other personal thing., They sharing all her moments and other personal details. A good friend is ready to help any time and also giving more support for our life. A good friend is never selfish. these are the examples of friends quality. We are facing many different situations in our life, a true friend coming forward to helping. The students life there are many difficult situations comes at that time the friends help more, for example the friends help for doing homework, writing assignment, project report, seminar report. The close friendship also effects the students classroom performance. They are showing more pleasant and very happy. The friends in students life more important. It improves the students interest on learning and other curricular activities. The combine study, discussion, group work and solving problems are improves the students level. The combine study and group works are increasing the students thinking and getting different areas of ideas. A best friend is more important for all. Mentally the friends keep very strong, also help to keep the mental and body health very well, that is eating food well and getting happy feeling.

School life is the best in all life. The only missing years are also the school years. The school memories are very colorful and it is very precious. Both the school and college student life the role of friends is large. Because the students are more depended on others on the study time. The friends are the best supporter of the all students. Every student have a good friend, at the exam time and playing time and most of the time the students are spending time with her friends. The exam time the friends are helping very much, by giving study materials, sharing books, and clearing the doubted topics, etc. The combine study is also very powerful method for the learning, that is the combine study improving the students memory and he/she also getting interest for learning because at the study time not only doing only study books but also telling some jokes and eating food also, so the students not feel boring. The students will get a good result for her academic result.